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                                                  NGC Group awarded the 2018 Jiangsu "Outstanding Innovative Employer" award by

                                                  Published: 2018-12-07


                                                  This November, the "Outstanding Employers" tour 2018, sponsored by, came to Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. NGC Group was awarded first prize as Jiangsu's "Outstanding Innovative Employer" for 2018.

                                        ’s "Outstanding Employer" of the year award began in August 2018, with results obtained based on a public evaluation index and a talent attraction index. The final votes were obtained according to surveys provided by HR professionals and other expert practitioners, as well as the evaluation of an expert panel, a headhunting jury and a media jury. The final ranking used the Delphi method to confirm the weighting of each aspect. The best employers were then chosen based on outstanding innovation, outstanding reform, outstanding pluralism and outstanding contributions. Innovation mainly took into account a company's pioneering work in terms of products, and its strengths regarding change and innovation. Industry innovation includes new technologies, new ideas and new empowerment, as well as a company's ability to create innovative service value, drive enterprise growth, open up new growth areas, and eventually become an outstanding, innovative enterprise. NGC Group has always adhered to the concept of innovation, constantly creating new value for its customers. The company has an excellent innovation model that actively encourages its employees, and is dedicated to the progress of human civilization. In the end, this was able to win the recognition of all parties concerned.

                                                  NGC Group has always valued the power of its employees, and constantly provides suitable training programs and diverse development paths. The company now has 5 channels for personnel development, covering engineers, professional experts, managers, project managers and technicians. At the same time, NGC provides an outstanding training system to support the continued personal growth of its staff. The company also offers a variety of team activities to improve its employees' sense of belonging and happiness. We believe NGC Group will invest even more resources in talent development and training in the future, to realize a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.

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